Which is the best Arduino starter kit?

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Are you confused with the myriad of options available in Arduino and wondering which is the best Arduino starter kit for a beginner? Fret Not! I had also similar queries and scoured the internet trying to find the best one to start with as a beginner.  This article will provide you with the top four kits I shortlisted and the ultimate one I chose as the best Arduino starter kit for a newbie. Read on to find why I chose one as the best kit out of the ten shortlisted below.

Comparison Chart

SunFounder Mega 2560 R3 Project Starter Kit for Arduino Mega2560 R3 Mega328 Nano with Detailed Tutorial, Mega 2560 Controller Board, LCD1602, Servo,Ideal for Students Hobbyists Beginners
ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE
Smraza Basic Starter Kit with Breadboard, Power Supply, Jumper Wires, Resistors, LED, Compatible with Arduino R3, Mega2560, Nano, Raspberry Pi
REXQualis Super Starter Kit based on Arduino UNO R3 with Tutorial and Controller Board Compatible with Arduino IDE

SunFounder Mega 2560 R3 Project Super Starter Kit

It comes with:

  • Ultra-responsive accelerometer
  • Variety of resistors and transistors

What I liked: It appears to be a good clone of Arduino Mega 2560 and mimics what an Arduino Mega 2560 is supposed to do which is really cool. It’s designed for beginners first venture into the world of electrical engineering and comes with a nice supply of interesting input and outputs.

Why not selected as the best kit: The tutorial is not up to the mark. It doesn’t explain ‘why’ you are doing something. The tutorial will show you how to wire the circuit, provides you the code, and shows you what the desired outcome should be. But it will not explain why you are asked to follow a particular step. So if you follow the tutorial you will get the result but you will not know why it happened…. which in my opinion is not the best way to learn.

Elegoo Super Uno

Comes with:

  • Joystick module for RC uses
  • More than 200 pieces

What I liked:

The entire set is packed in a very useful organizer which is great as it saves time searching for parts to build each different project. You can download the updated latest tutorial from their website apart from the accompanying CD.

Why not selected as the best kit: Quality of the parts are poor and some pieces did not work for several buyers. In fact, one user complained in less than a week the analog and half the digital headers became loose. That’s not acceptable even at this cheap price point you can expect it to work several for months of wear and tear, not just a few days.

Smraza Basic Starter Kit for Arduino

What I liked :

Most pieces come in anti-static bags. The pack includes a lot of pre-coded examples with PDF instruction sheets on cd to get you started. The lessons come with photo-based instructions for setting up the projects.

Why it was not chosen as the best Arduino starter kit:

Many buyers complained he solderless board is trash and the wires keep following off.

REXQualis Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit with Detailed Tutorial

Comes with:

  • Temperature and humidity module
  • Ultrasonic sensor

Why I chose this as the best best Arduino starter kit

This kit provides everything you need to start learning Arduino. Check out all the pieces it comes with. It is super inexpensive considering the large number of pieces it packs including several sensors and for all of the functionality it provides. In fact, it can be said that it’s more than a starter Arduino starter kit. The tutorial speaks about the functionality of each component explaining how it works.

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