What Is The Best Robot for Cleaning Windows?

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If your home or office has large window panes, investing in a robot for cleaning window has obvious benefits. Not only can these robotic window cleaners clean your windows well, but can also protect you from the risky and dangerous choice of cleaning windows that are 10-12 ft high or are not easy to reach.

These robotic window cleaners make use of automated movement with window cleaning technology and stick to windows using motor-powered suction in most cases. Once the suction is triggered and it gets stuck to a window, they can automatically move and clean even the high, out-of-reach windows from one edge to the other.

While most of these window cleaning robots have the same general features, there are some that provide different functions, cleaning methods and height restrictions.

So let’s take a closer look at…

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Ultrasonic Water Spray is one of the top brand and higher-end robotic window cleaner with it’s the ability to clean large windows with ease.

It has a square design with a removable water tank and spraying nozzle making it user-friendly, as compared to older models of Hobot window cleaning robots.

The bigger cleaning pad at the bottom of the Hobot 298 removes dirt, grime, and other substances off the window glass without leaving any streaks or watermarks. It requires low maintenance. You can simply fill the tank with a cleaning solution and the robot does everything else.

As it is single-sided, the Hobot window washing robot has no glass thickness restrictions, so you can clean any window even more than 3 mm thick.

The internal battery pack can be charged via the provided cable. You can also plug it in and use the robot while it charges. Orange LED flashes indicates it is charging while the LED flashes green when the battery reaches full charge.

Alfawise S60

This window Cleaning Robot Cleaner comes with microfiber cushions that can clean the glass surface, to remove, dirt, oil stains, and even calcium deposits, It supports both Android and iOs apps ad comes with a remote as well.

While this window cleaning robot does use a battery, you would need to have it plugged in when in use. The battery works as a backup. For example – if you are cleaning the windows and the power goes out, the battery would keep the vacuum suction running so that it does not fall off.

In case you live in a tall building, and you’re unable to clean your windows for years Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning Robot Cleaner is a good option to make your life easy and comfortable.

Hope you are now armed with information to get the best widow robot cleaner to make your choice. Just ensure that the model you buy has a decent battery life, good suction power or with backup, efficient cleaning process involving wiping plus polishing and remote-controlled automated cleaning.

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