3 Types of Pet Care Robot Litter Box For Cats

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Cat parenting is indeed pleasurable until it comes to cleaning the cat litter box. And the best possible solution for this problem is probably self-cleaning litter boxes. These boxes come in various designs and styles and even include a flush-it-away type. Continuous updation in this field is taking place every day and you can always choose the design that suits your purpose the best.

What are the basics of the Self-Cleaning Litter Box?

In a self-cleaning litter box, there is a waste compartment that filters, rakes, flushes and collects cat waste and does not allow contact with cat feces and urine and removes the requirement to scoop the litter tray every day. Maximum automatic litter boxes can detect when the feline has used it and clean up so that when the cat goes to use it the next time, the boxes are fresh and clean.

But self-cleaning litter box does not mean there is no work. It will involve some work. You will have to empty out a compartment or tray which holds the filtered cat waste and replace the box to work. But it definitely is a boon for cat parents who work overnight shifts or for long hours or has a disability or illness.

How to shift to an Automatic Litter Box?

A transition period is necessary for all automatic litter boxes. There is a process for getting the cat used to the automatic litter box. The cat parents also have to learn to fill the litter to the correct amount, troubleshoot issues, check regularly and so on. It is better to keep the unit in ‘off’ mode or unplugged until your pet starts using it regularly.

What is the best self-cleaning litter box?

The best self-cleaning litter box depends on two things – the attributes you are looking out for and those with which your cat is comfortable. Some cats are deterred by loud noises and for them, litter boxes with the quiet operation or delay raking till the cat has moved away is preferred. Again some cats prefer space, so you would have to find more spacious litter boxes for them.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are ideal for cats aged 6 months and above. For kittens, these are not suitable as they are too small to climb into the units or too lightweight for the sensors.

What are the various kinds of self-cleaning litter boxes?

There is quite a variety when it comes to the different kinds of self-cleaning litter boxes. Let us find about them in detail –

Litter Boxes with Sweeping Function

If you are on the lookout for a hands-off approach, this is your kind. In this kind, the automatic raking system will sweep the waste into a covered compartment twenty minutes after the cat has used the box. The box is fitted with sensors to find out if your cat has returned to the box and will reset automatically. The trays usually use dye-free silicon crystal cat litter that dries the solid waste and absorbs the urine. Some other litter box of this type rakes the litter, collects clumps and deposits them in a waste compartment with a carbon filter which neutralizes the odors. It uses any crystal or clumping litter.

Sifting Cat Litter Box

If you hate scooping waste, a sifting litter box system is the best option. Some are automatic while some need you to pull a lever.

Some of these types have a conveyor belt system that continuously sifts through the cat litter so that the litter box stays clean and fresh. With the rotation of the litter bowl, the waste is filtered into a waste container that is lined with a trash bag. You can toss out this trash bag almost every day or whenever it gets full. The conveyor belt system is quiet and possesses no visible moving parts. Thus you can use it for skittish or wary cats. This kind works perfectly for both feces and urine.

Litter Box that Flushes

This automatic litter box scoops away, liquefies and flushes out the cat waste right out of your home. The cat bowl consists of granules that are made from synthetic biodegradable or natural materials. They have a litter-like shape. It works perfectly with your home water supply and you can hook it up yourself using your laundry room or bathroom. The waste is removed from the home through the drain pipe. But the system is a bit noisy and is not ideal for skittish cats.

How about a Hybrid, partly Self-Cleaning Litter Box?

If you are not quite decided to go for an automatic litter box, you do have other options. Some use a system of pads and pellets to collect waste for easy disposal. The dust-free litter pellets trap and remove water from solid waste and allow the urine to move into the absorbent, odor-controlling pads. Then the solid waste is scooped up and new pads are placed underneath removing the older ones. Thus you are saved from scraping the sides of the litter tray to collect the waste.

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