Toy Robot That Blows Smoke: Gifts To Delight Your Inquisitive Kid

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If you are looking forward to gifting your child a toy robot that blows smoke you have landed in the right place.

This remote controlled dragon, not only roars, shakes it heads but also breaths fire and sprays or release smoke, flapping its wings making it an absolutely delightful toy for your kid.


Your child can control the dinosaur with the fossil remote control. It has two large buttons to command the beast! Pressing the left button will make the dinosaur, shake it’s head, roar, flap wings and blow smoke while the right button will make it walk and light up the eyes.

The removable wings can be easily attached with the screws provided. It comes with two little tiny water pouches to fill the spout on the head which is needed by the toy to create the smoky fire!

You will need 6 AA batteries – three for the dinosaur body and three for the controller.

This fire breathing dragon is a perfect gift for kids looking for a fire breathing dragon toy but if you are looking for another variety, you can check out the one below.

Flame spraying Tyrannosaurus T-Rex Dinosaur Toy

Similar to the other dragon toy above, this T-Rex dinosaur toy can spray mist like smoke from its mouth. The mist spray comes out like fire from the mouth. It walks while it roars and shakes its head, light-up eye, and flash as it moves around.

Your Kid will find it utterly amusing to see the flames coming out of the dinosaur’s mouth, similar to what they have seen in movies like Jurassic Park.

What more this t-rex toy is even capable of laying eggs!! All you need to do is to place the eggs in their designated place which is located at the back of the dinosaur body.

Spending time playing with any of these educational toys detailed above can help develops cognitive skills in your child in his formative years. Additionally, he gets to learn more about the history and evolution of the animal kingdom if you explain it to him while playing. Also, he can learn above the behavior of predatory animals in general. This type of toy will sharpen children’s accuracy in performing physical tasks as well as understanding the working of an electromechanical structure that moves.

These realistic flame-throwing smoke blowing dinosaur toys make up for an ideal gifting choice for kids who are older than 3 years. Make a kid’s day special by presenting this Red Dragon Toy robot that blows smoke or Flame Throwing T-Rex toy on a special occasion such as birthday, Christmas, children’s day, or just like that to make it a joyous event in your child’s life.

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