7 Simple Robot Vacuuming Tips To Keep Your House Tidy

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Robot Vacuum Cleaners have become widely popular by making cleaning trouble-free and speedy. Their price has considerably reduced over the years, making them a cost-effective good.

There also has been significant addition in features, making it all the more efficient. However, you have to pay some attention to your robot vacuum cleaner for it to work smoothly. Here is a curated list of the seven simple robot vacuuming tips to keep your house tidy and your cleaner in good condition.

1. Proper House Preparation For Uninterrupted Movement

Robot Vacuum Cleaners work the best on hard surfaces like wood. However, even on wooden or tile floors, they often get stuck on furniture with legs, window/door ledges, ironing boards, hangups like clothing racks, carpets with tassels, wires, and cords.

Even with modified features claiming that the robots can work around such obstacles, it is usually safer to keep these things out of their way.

There are other ways to approach this problem as well. You can place a shoe near the window/door, flip your chairs upside down on your table, replace carpets with tassels with tassel-free rugs or tuck the tassels underneath to avoid them from tangling the robot, or lift clothing racks.

With wires and cords all over the place, the cleaners are often unable to clean dusty spaces around the corners. To solve this problem, you can put a hook behind the desk to hang the wires or tape them together.

You also have to pay attention to the proper spacing of furniture and uneven floors to avoid the cleaner from getting stuck in one place. By making use of all these tips, you can prevent your cleaner from getting snagged on wires, stranded, or throwing off furniture.

2. Clear Tiny Objects

This tip is a must to keep in mind, especially for people with kids at home. Kids often leave their toys here and there. Even as adults, we often leave our socks, dog toys, and other such items on the floor. These usually get sucked up into the cleaners.

This, as a consequence, reduces their suction force or even worse, damages them. So, to save your expensive socks and such articles from getting eaten up and to avoid your expensive robot from getting damaged, you will have to make sure to pick these small objects from the floor before your robot is on the hunt.

Otherwise, if you have a map-enabled robot, then you can include your kid’s or dog’s playing space under the Keep-out zone. The robot vacuum will then avoid these areas.

3. Set The Charging Dock In An Ideal Position

One of the best pieces of advice for easy robot cleaning is to ensure that its home is in the right place. Every robot vacuum cleaner comes with a charging dock.

It is beneficial to keep the charging dock in such a place where the cleaner can locate its way back. Putting it in any random corner or beside a piece of furniture will make it difficult for the cleaner to track where the dock is. Instead, place it somewhere there will be a gap of at least a foot or more on all sides.

Hence, if you want your cleaner to clean your house efficiently and without fail, then place the charging dock in a decluttered space on a level surface away from a thick wall.

4. Observe The Outcomes of The First Few Runs

Just like different models of robot vacuum cleaners, every house has a unique interior. To make your home a friendly place for the cleaner, you will first have to note down the observations of the first few runs and make the required changes for optimum cleaning.

Consequently, your cleaner will smoothly tidy up the house without throwing away or breaking anything.

5. Clean Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner Regularly

To ensure the durability and proper functioning of the cleaner, you will have to make it a point to clean it regularly. Instead of cleaning the entire house, you just need to clean the robot. Not such a bad deal huh?

Like every other electronic gadget, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner also requires routine maintenance to work properly.

Clean it by unloading the dustbin every alternate day or when full, brushing the sides of the filter to avoid the accumulation of dust particles and debris, checking the side brush and wheels for hair, and removing them if found any.

You can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes to disinfect the cleaner. Do not forget to pay attention to the bottom of the cleaner as well as the charging dock. Wipe the docking sensor window and charging contacts with a clean and dry cloth. Change the filter after every 6 or 7 months.

Take a quick Google search for how you can keep the robot clean, there’s a lot of information out there and you might just find the golden tip from someone using the same machine. Always check the user manual for your specific model as there might be specific cleaning instructions for your particular robot vacuum.

A little tender loving care will keep the Vacuum in great condition for years to come.

6. Use Geofencing To Clean In Your Absence

Geofencing is a way of setting up boundaries around your house. It will help your robot vacuum cleaner not get stuck under the furniture or in the corners of your room by telling it not to go there. You can use geofencing to make sure that you don’t miss any parts of the room while you are vacuuming like under the bed or couch.

Almost every model has the feature of scheduled cleaning and geofencing. Models that are app-controlled make it easier for you to program their cleaning duties every day.

You can decide which areas to clean on which days and at what time. It is always convenient to schedule a cleaning session when you are not at home so that your movement does not interrupt the cleaner’s movement and vice versa. This feature is super helpful for people with dogs.

Vacuum cleaners often intimidate dogs. So, by the time you take your dog out for a walk and return home, your robot cleaner will have cleaned your house.

7. Look After Your Cleaner

Just like we explore every nook and corner of a new house, the robot vacuum cleaner also explores the entire house when it is brand new. Adapting to a new environment can be as challenging for inanimate objects as it is for us. So, make sure you supervise your robot vacuum’s movement for the first few days until it has memorized the map of your house.

Keep doors open and obstructions out of the way to ease its functioning. Over time, the cleaner will be able to look after itself without any help from you.

Final Words

The robot vacuum is a much-needed innovation to help with housework and it will likely become more common in the future. They are less expensive than most people anticipated, and they are making life easier for pet owners.

The invention of these robots is an inspiration for how technology can be used to make life easier, simpler, and cleaner.



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