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Do you have to leave your pet alone at home all day? Or, maybe you want your pet dog to lead an active life so that his mental and physical health is at the optimal best. But you would not like to compromise on his entertainment quota, right? You would like to keep his mind sharp and body strong harping on all his senses. If these are your yearnings, the robot for dogs described hereunder should be the solution that would provide activity, companionship, and entertainment to your beloved one!

DOGNESS Smart CAM IPET Robot Monitor

This particular red-colored option of robot for dogs belongs to the house of Dogness and with it, just by using a simple free app, you can communicate with your pet and its surroundings.

The head of the robot is equipped with an HD camera and it tilts and records videos and photos. The clicked images get stored so that you get to share and view these with your friends and family. This robot will make you feel at ease as you realize that your pet is totally safe as is your home.

The robot has a total 360o view and control. This smart ipet robot moves around the house but is entirely under your control through the App and you are able to view your pet and every room. You can play with your pet by using an interactive laser pointer which contains a treat compartment having 16 small 3.5 cm treat slots. You can feed him a treat if he has been on his best behavior. You get the wireless communications through 2.4G WIFI to your home network. In standby mode, the battery life is of 15 days.

SKYMEE Owl Robot

This model of robot for dogs has been manufactured by SKYMEE and is the perfect companion for your best companion. It plays with your pet as it zooms around the room and rewards his interaction by providing treats. Thus it does away with the loneliness and sadness that the pet might feel while you are away and in turn relieves you from all stress.

All this decreases the messes and accidents that might occur while you are away and promotes mindful activity. The robot is long-lasting and durable being made of polycarbonate material. Maintenance is easy as it is easy to clean. The toy has qualified the IPX4 water spray test and can hold tough chewers and get a bit wet. It is able to move over different indoor surfaces; so your pet can enjoy it in various environments.

This robot application is available for both Apple and Android devices. Its AI automatic driving capability promises the best engagement for your pet and it can navigate various spaces. The innovative, patent-pending design of the robot toy gives it the scope to sense various elements around it, the strengths of your pet and give rewards to the interactions of your pet. With this toy, you are able to track the fitness statistics of your pet. This is important because a healthy dog is a happy one and the weight-related disorders are minimized. The mobile smartphone app helps you manage toss counts, playtime, sleep time and much more. You can fix the amount of treats you want your pet to eat and your pet’s playtime with the app.

The app also aids you in controlling the robot manually for direct play as well as with pre-set motions. The built-in scheduling system gives you the chance to build up activities based on a study of your pet’s requirements, health conditions, and environments. The auto-play function of the toy will allow you to set up schedules and form new experiences. You can play manually within the app via Bluetooth connection. The toy can move in every direction and toss treats with more than 16 different preset motions and sounds to attract your pet.

You can toss treats manually or schedule treats toss times and determines the number of treats he can have each time. Every bot has a protective robot case which increases its durability. But the robot is not a chewy toy. The shape of the bot is tough for pets to grab onto with the robot case. It also prevents damages and scratches. The robot is able to recognize the movement of your pet and populates activity data via the app. This data is available in different formats – daily, weekly and monthly.

This friendly pet robot with a mobile application is priced at $170.00 at the time of writing the review.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball – Adjustable Dog Treat Ball

This bot for dogs coming from the house of Pet Zone is mentally stimulating for your pet. This toy bot dispenses food and keeps your pet physically and mentally active as he plays. It comes in two sizes – 3” for the smaller pets and 4” for the larger ones. This treat-dispensing interactive toy uses the favorite dry treats or kibble. It is made of hard plastic that can be disassembled which makes cleaning easy. It can be rinsed in warm soapy water and dried after usage. The toy slows down active feeding, making the dog exercise for the treats and thus reduces bloating and eases digestion.

The pets play with this interactive dog robot ball, learn to roll the ball and get treats – all this makes them smart. The difficulty level can be adjusted using the adjustable interior disc of the ball. The dispensing ball has a design that limits the number of treats your pet gets while increasing playtime. But the play should be supervised.

The pet zone IQ treat ball is priced below $10.00 at the time of writing the article.

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