Robot Alarm Clock That Runs Away: Stop Abusing The Snooze

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Do you struggle to get out of bed every morning? In spite of your best effort can’t stop snoozing your alarm clock? You are not alone. I too struggled to get out of bed in the morning to the point of almost losing my job. Desperately I tried Clocky the moving alarm clock that runs away when you try to push the snooze button.

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original)

It is a well-known fact, that there have been countless implementations of different types of alarm clocks in the past that attempted to improve morning alertness and get individuals out of their bed. Many people try to solve this issue by stepping on a mat the moment they are awake, or by auto-brewing coffee at a designated time. I know, because I have tried them all! These methods may be effective for some individuals, for some time but it does not work for me and many others, who continue to stay in bed and “slap” the snooze indefinitely.

Why Clocky works while all other alar clocks failed?

The solution to this problem arrived in the form of Clocky – the moving alarm clock which focuses on forcing an individual to get out of bed in order to turn the alarm off. It has been so designed keeping in mind that it is much less likely for an individual to return to slumber if they are forced to chase down the robotic alarm clock to cut the sound it makes. Also, it has been studied that, the activity of being forced to bend down to reach for the alarm, increases blood flow to the head thus improving the alertness in the individual taking him out of the groggy state.

How to use clocky for your benefit every day at the same time increase it’s shelf life

If you set the alarm clock in your bedside table and it drops 3ft off by moving at the end of the table every day, it is certain that you will decrease it’s life drastically.

Unless you have a pillow under your side table to prevent it from hitting the floor it won’t last for years as it is made of plastic and just can’t take the beating like that for an extended time.
So I decided to set the alarm on the floor overnight in different spots each day, and it has worked incredibly well for me. The clock runs and seems to always find somewhere to hide.

Also, the R2-D2 sound is obnoxious enough to get me out of bed in a rush. It has been a godsend to me.

I have one gripe though! Instead of the plastic if they would use steel axels and bearings it may last a bit longer, but then the clock would have cost a lot more.

Part robot, part alarm clock, Clocky is the funniest, yet most annoying alarm clock which is loud enough to get you up on time, and will roll out of your reach before you can press snooze.

That’s why if you know a graduate student or someone who stays in college dorm rooms, or have just joined a new job, it could be the most precious gift to buy.

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