4 Most Popular Metal Robot (Tamashi) on Amazon

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Has Damashii or Tamashii robots caught on to your fascination? If your answer is yes, here are a few choicest options of this series for you to consider and possibly choose the one that best supports your imagination and fantasy!


This is a new era in the robot spirits series. This metal robot from Tamashii Nations comes with 130mm OO raiser, GN sword III, the o-raiser and beam effect parts. It includes two GN sword II and beam effect parts with sword connector parts, two saber grips, and two GN shields. The item bears the official Bluefin Distribution logo. The robot is equipped with two beam saber blades, GN sword III connectors for the o-raiser, connector, two types of option hands (L/R), a custom stand with base and display arm. With the official logo, the purchaser is entitled to product support assistance.

The robot has an all-new design, material, and engineering for increased possibility. There is a fine balance of the plastic parts and die-cast metal while the posable side binders and a Ratcheting GN drive core increase the display possibilities. Bluefin distribution is the sole authorized distributor. The product has undergone thorough testing and has met the safety standards of North American consumer product safety regulations. This model is perfect for youngsters aged 15 years and above.

At the time of writing the robot was priced around $115 and has earned rave reviews. How about finding the exact price and star rating of the product?


This is again a product of Tamashii Nations and features die-cast metal parts and detailed markings to satisfy durability and weight. The set comes with four pairs of hands, two beam saber pommels, a joint set, a set of landing gear parts, the beam smart gun, two beam saber effects, and a stand. The long-barrel beam smart gun is equipped with great detail including a waist mount hardpoint and a folding grip allowing posing in both hands. The item bears the official logo of Bluefin Distribution.

This widely acclaimed Tamashii robot is ideal for the age groups of 13 years and above.


This unique robot comes from the house of Bandai. Gunpla is a plastic model of mobile suits that appear in a series of “Mobile Suit Gundam” battleships and robots known as mobile armor. These were born in 1980 as “1/144 Gundam” and consequently, 445 million units have been sold.

Gundam, approximately 130mm is a very popular character worldwide. It is a Japanese import. It is a high performance, the advanced mobile suit often having a more strong construction than standard production mobile suits. These include the latest available experimental technology at the time of construction. The main suit sports an essentially blue and white color scheme having red and yellow accents and has at least one pair of white or yellow V-fins on its head. The social growth of the main character is the epicenter of the storyline. This has become a pioneer in the series of robot animation where a human drama is introduced in reality with the war set to treat robots like a kind of weapon named “mobile suits.”

Gundam is presently conducted in Japan without failure from development, planning to production at “Bandai Hobby Center” in “Hobby’s Town Shizuoka.” BANDAI is one company that is engaged in developing quality toys to engage and capture the imagination of children and provide them with immense “Fun for the future.” The products of Bandai nurture the dreams of customers worldwide while they get to experience the excitement.

The product has a high star rating of 4.1 at the time of writing the review.


This superior quality action figure from TAMASHII NATIONS of the signature mobile suit is crafted to capture every on-screen action and contains cutting-edge sculpting, a gorgeous finish, and metal parts. It has been engineered in a way to strongly hold its long-range beam rifle to increase your display possibilities.

Shine Asuka’s Destiny Gundam now joins the coveted metal robot series. It is a definitive portrayal – as if it stepped right off the screen. It encompasses all the possibilities and qualities one can expect from the metal robot spirits. It includes figure and pair of “gripping” hands, “palma Fiocina” Palm beam cannon, Shield, long-range beam rifle, “arondight” Effect, “beam Boomerang” Effect (x2)t, four optional sets of hands, beam rifle, beam shields effects (x2), “arondight” Beam sword, display stand and beam saber effect (x2).

This is again a widely acclaimed robot from “TAMASHII” and is priced at around $130 at the time of writing the review.

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