Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Really Work?

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As a pool owner most likely you have been using either a suction or a pressure cleaner in the past and are accustomed to swimming around the house. But the convenience of simply putting the cleaner into your pool instead of fiddling with the hoses is something that you can’t beat.

Are you wondering “Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Really Work?”

The answer is a profound Yes. Robotic pool cleaners can be very effective especially with the advancement of technology in the last two-three years. Now you can essentially have an entire pool equipment set roaming around in the bottom of your pool because the modern robot pool cleaners can pump, filter, scrub and circulate all at the same time.


How Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?


All robotic pool cleaners use efficient electric motors that create suction and at the same time provide enough power to propel them. It works similar to a home vacuum cleaner as it sucks the debris from the pool and keeps it inside the machine.

In most models the robotic cleaners have rotating brushes that knock out the algae and stubborn dirt that gets attached to it while roving. The filters of the robot circulate clean water back into the pool.

These robots move forward either by wheels or tracks. Cleaners that use tracks have a better advantage of climbing the pool walls and working around the sharp corners. However, now advanced four-wheel-drive robotic cleaners are available in the market that offers the same grip and mobility as those that use tracks.

Are Robotic pool cleaner energy efficient?

The Robo pool cleaners use 180 Watts on average. Compare this to common booster pump powered hydraulic cleaners which requires over 1 kWh i.e. 1,000 Watts! minimum. The difference is 820 Watts or 82% less energy consumption! So it’s needless to say that robotic pool cleaners will reduce your energy bill.

How often should I run my robotic pool cleaner?

The short answer is – it depends. If you are using the pool frequently as in summers, the pool gets dirtier. So it’s a good practice to use your robot cleaner once a day.or every other day if you are using the pool every day.

If you are not using the pool frequently, it’s fine to use the robot pool cleaner once a week.

Even if you are not using the pool, you should use the robot cleaner at least once a month because it is easy for debris to collect in the pool especially if no pool cover is used.

Can I Leave A Robotic Pool Cleaner In The Pool?

You can leave it in the pool,but it’s better to take it out and clean the basket. Generally all manufacturers of robot pool cleaners recommend that it is taken out of the pool after use.

Also common sense says that the waterproofing will not last as long if you keep it submerged for long period.

Consider it like garaging your car. The lesser time it is out in the weather lesser is the possibility of rusting, or water getting in places where it shouldn’t and lesser damage to the paint.

However, low ph level of the pool water is worse for the machine than extended submergence.

Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth the Money?

If you are on a budget or don’t have a problem swimming with the hose and cleaner, a suction cleaner will work fine for you.

However, If you want the clean look of a pool without having to bother about anything other than lowering the robot in the pool and rinse it off after cleaning is done, then a robot will suit you. Also, in the long run, you save money with the robot cleaner as it also reduces your energy bill significantly,

No cleaner is perfect, but still if the question Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Really Work hits you, then we can say that the robot pool cleaner although expensive beats others for which you have to set up the vacuum hose, handle and brush and clean the pool manually yourself!

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