Best Robotic Lawn Mower 2021

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While many love doing it manually as an exercise or merely for the pleasure of moving around their yard, thousands consider mowing as a chore better-taken care of by automatic lawnmowers. These mowers are faster and smarter. You would not want to enjoy the treat of warm sunshine, fragrant flowers, buzzing bees, or chirping birds with the mower whining away in your background! Also as these robotic lawn mowers are totally automatic, they are a God’s gift to the elderly or less mobile gardeners!

While going for one you should focus on its automatic sensors, quietness and adjustability of the blades. And they should preferably do everything on their own.

What is a robotic lawn mower?

A robotic lawn mower is a robot which cuts lawn grass by itself.The user has to set up a border wire around the lawn which specifies the area that needs to be mowed.The robot gets to know the boundary of the area which it needs to trim with the help of the wire and also locates a recharging dock.

What specifications make the robotic lawn mowers attractive?

Sophisticated robotic lawn mowers come with self-docking and some also contain rain sensors and hardly require human interaction. Some robotic mowers have integrated specifications with the coming of smart phones and come with custom apps that can adjust settings or schedule mowing frequencies and times and also control the mower with a digital joystick. Modern robotic lawn mowers are equipped with specialized sensors that allow them to automatically mow negotiating obstacles or retire to sleep at times of rainfall. Entirely solar powered robotic lawn mowers are also available.

How do Robotic lawnmowers work and how are these better?

Many robotic lawn mowers use a random mowing system where the machine moves around the lawn till it comes to a loop boundary wire which is hidden around the edges of the lawn and then changes the head and keeps moving till it hits the wire again. This system is quite time-consuming if your lawn is big enough and requires continuous operations.

But some of these robotic lawn mowers form a map of the garden it is to mow and is then able to tackle the task more efficiently and systematically. This attribute is known as the LogiCut. This reduces the time taken as it avoids cutting the same area more than once. Also power consumption is reduced. Features like Logicut, local weather and forecasts, the Map combine and along with the algorithms which predict the grass growth make the robot mowers more effective. The sensors find out the obstructions (fallen fruit) or holes and help the mower to move around them or turn around. Some models are even capable of handling slopes.

The mowers locate their charging stations with the aid of radio frequency emissions with the help of a boundary wire or following an optional guide wire. This will do away with wear patterns that may be caused by the mower in the lawn.

The robotic lawn mowers come with a rechargeable battery and you can set schedules for time and week with a simple touch screen. The mowers are fully automatic and don’t need any supervision. A single charge usually lasts 1 hour to 11/2 hours. The mowing speed and power rating varies with every lawn mower. So while the fastest ones may manage to mow 200 sq yards in an hour the slower ones will barely complete 75. These mowers are usually weather-proof and can work even during heavy rainfall.

These are usually quiet emitting sound around 58-75 decibels. These hardly graze but rather cut and clip and thus boost lawn health. These are usually easy to store being compact. Also being emission free they are beneficial for the planet.

How are robotic lawn mowers powered?

Robotic lawn mowers usually use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The charge time and run time varies with the kind of model. Most models move automatically towards their charging stations when the battery gets low and the charging stations stay connected with the electrical outlet in your garden. Some new ones are solar powered too.

What do they normally do with all the grass?

Some models need emptying of grass-bags. Most models have cutting blades that shave off very minute grass pieces that do not require the collection and are better left behind to act as mulch. They feed the lawn and thus you need less fertilizer.

With so much knowledge about robotic lawnmowers, it is time to choose the ideal one that will serve your purpose. Here we bring you one of the most acclaimed robotic lawn mowers that has an excellent star rating. Keep reading…..

Greenworks 17-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

This particular robotic lawn mower from the renowned house of Greenworks has unique and extraordinary attributes. It has a 17 inch durable deck which is both lightweight and versatile. It has a single lever and has five position adjustments. This enables in adjusting the cutting range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8 inch so that the cut is the best in all given situations and environments. The package does not include the battery or the charger. It uses efficient 40V Lithium battery system. It comes with a 2-in-1 feature that gives scope for mulching and rear bagging and is thus capable for multiple uses. Almost 34% of US homes need a single charge to get their work done.

It also comes in another size – 16”. It is available in three styles – 40V Tool only, Electric 10 Amp and 40V with 4.0Ah Battery. It has a run time of one hour and it weighs 40.9 lbs. Storage is compact with folding handles. You just need to push a button to make it working. It works smoothly with minimum noise. Being lightweight, it is easy to maneuver. It has an on-board battery life indicator.

The mower comes with an efficient cordless battery platform that prepares you to be in total control of your yard. It gives out no fumes, requires minimum maintenance and no mixing, and has no pull cords. Your yard work is well taken care of!

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