Best Robotic Arm Kits Under $100

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The world is looking towards robotics as a prospective answer to a host of purposes. Given that, it can be a great idea to teach yourself or the younger generation a thing or two about robots.

Now that you’re looking forward to an educational experience, any tech geek will recommend getting yourself a robotic arm kit. With features like quick assembly and easy programming, these robotic arms can be your best step towards learning about robotics. However, you don’t need to break the bank to get yourself a decent kit.

With this article, we will take a look at some of the best robotic arms in the market that are affordable. These robotic arms have been selected based on their price, ease of use,  assemblage, free range of motion, and build quality. Other factors include ease of programmability and coding and the use of advanced tech.


1. Diymore Silver ROT3U 6DOF Aluminium Robot Arm

This robot arm kit by Diymore is one of the simplest kits you’ll come across. For an amicable price, you can enjoy the process of assembling your own robot arm. This product is made of high-quality aluminum that gives it a robust build. The product is relatively easy to assemble from scratch, even for beginners, with an easy-to-follow manual.

The arm is programmable using Arduino, which is often considered the easiest robot programming tool. You can also use other programs like Tkinter. Once assembled, this robotic arm gives you six degrees of freedom with 180° rotational motion.

It also features a tremendous vertical range. Using the simple gripper mechanism, the kids can play and tinker around with the robot. The high ceiling for learning can genuinely make this kit the best robotic arm kit under the $100 threshold.


  • Low cost
  • Easy assembly instructions
  • Programmable using Arduino
  • Good mobility


  • It doesn’t include wires or servo motors.
  • Very bulky once assembled

2. Elenco ‘Teach Tech’ Hydrobot Hydraulic Kit

Elenco’s Hydrobot has been designed with one ultimate objective in mind – to teach robotics and coding. This robot uses renewable energy to operate and provides a huge learning experience. This product has mechanisms that children can learn about and enjoy.

Not only does this arm allow you six degrees of freedom, but it also gives you a 270° rotation angle. With this kit, you can grip and even use the suction cup on objects. The user manual is clear, and the assembly can be a fun process for kids and adults alike. This robot can help your child develop STEM skills and refine their motor skills. Children can also have hands-on experience with tools and equipment used in the assembly.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy assembly
  • High mobility, suction cup
  • Uses renewable energy


  • Plastic build
  • Parts are not strong.

3. Sunfounder Robotic Arm Edge for Arduino R3

The Robotic Arm Edge kit by Sunfounder can bring out the engineer inside your child. With 101 pieces requiring your help for assembly, this kit can have your kids busy all day building this bot from scratch. The pieces also include components like servo motors and microcontroller boards. This product provides a great medium to refine your child’s STEM learning.

The mix of mechanical and electrical components can make this arm a great way to make science fun and engaging. The arm allows you to program it using Arduino, which can spark kids’ interest in coding. It uses an Arduino R3 microcontroller to use your computer to configure the robot easily.

Not to mention, the product delivers a vast range of motion, with mobile wrists and elbow joints. The kit is excellent for beginners – given the ease of use and size. It is one of the best programmable robotic arms. It works with 4 axes, which provide strength and flexibility to the arm. This complements the vertical reach of the arm well.


  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to assemble
  • All parts provided, including motors
  • MCU (microcontroller unit) based operation


  • Small in size
  • Less payload

4. HEXBUG VEX Motorized Robotic Arm

If your mind wanders off thinking how industry-grade robotic mechanisms work, then you probably want to get this Vex robotic kit from HEXBUG. Composed of 350 pieces, this kit can explain the workings of heavy robotic arms with a miniature model.

The snap-together pieces are as fun to assemble as any LEGO kit and will be an enjoyable experience for you, especially the kids. Using the same 350 pieces, you can build two robotic mechanisms. Not just that, the parts in this kit are compatible with other components of Vex IQ kits so that you can explore uncountable possibilities with this affordable piece of engineering.

With a good payload, the kids can have fun gripping and picking up things. With a 360° range of motion, the crane is free to move around and interact with objects. The robot can also perform basic tasks with its gripper using the remote control. In this price range, this might be the best robotic arm kit you will find.


  • Various builds
  • High compatibility with other components
  • Room for advanced learning
  • Easy to follow the user manual


  • Lacks sturdiness
  • Cannot lift moderately heavy objects

5. OWI Robotic Arm Edge Kit

This robotic arm kit by OWI, a renowned name in the industry, is here to help you one step further into the world of robotics. Made for beginners, this kit has a moderately challenging build that can have even your kids brainstorming for hours. With a bit of supervision, there is great room for learning.

The kit requires you to assemble the 200 pieces to get the finished piece. If your kids love LEGO, they’ll love this kit too. The building process itself can give children a valuable insight into how modern robots work. Using the simple remote controller, they can play around with the gripper movement and arm rotations to perform basic tasks with robots.

It has a vertical reach of about 15 inches and a horizontal reach of 12 inches. You also get a wide range of motion at the wrist, elbow, and base, making this an ultimate robotic arm kit.


  • Challenging build
  • Quality features
  • Great reach
  • Value for money
  • USB interface for computer control


  • Cannot lift more than 100g
  • May have issues with battery and mobility



This range of robot arm kits is bound to provide the user an avenue to learn science in the most enjoyable way and have the chance to learn a lot. Made from industry-grade materials, these robotic arms can be the building blocks of your child’s future academic career. With robots automating a range of tasks already, this little step can help you and your little ones develop a more scientific outlook towards the world.

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