Best Robot Vacuum For Stairs

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Are you looking for assistance to help you with your daily household chores, especially cleaning and dusting? A robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect answer to your query and need.

However, there are so many options available, that it can be pretty confusing to find the ideal one that will suit your home and requirements. To help you in your search, we bring an assortment of robot vacuum for stairs – vacuum bots which are equipped to evade stairs and falls. Have a look and once procured, enjoy some me-time while the robot vacuum sparkles your home!

Let’s start first with the three varieties of robot vacuum for stairs that we have researched and recommend:

Now let’s take a closer look of each model:

GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Charging

This robot vacuum from the house of GOOVI has 1600Pa of powerful suction that will collect crumbs, dust, and dirt. Thus this robot is perfect for cleaning hardwood floor carpet. The operation of this robot vacuum is very easy or you can auto clean just with one touch. The 2.83” low profile structure of the cleaner helps it to move under the sofas and beds providing thorough cleansing removing dirt from all hidden corners.

The robot vacuum is very flexible and consequently satiates various cleaning requirements. There is a cleaning mode for every floor type. The efficiency of this robot vacuum is unmatched and its intelligence makes it return automatically to the charging base whenever it is low in power. Thus your vacuum is always fully charged and ready for use.

It is equipped with drop sensor technology and you will not have to worry about it falling down the stairs or off ledges while cleaning. The intelligent setting mode means there are many cleaning modes to opt from and you can pre-set the time for vacuuming so that the vacuum does its job while you complete your other tasks or take a nap. The large wheels of the vacuum roll over the carpets and climb over door ledges transitioning smoothly from hard floor to soft carpet thus cleaning effectively. Make cleaning effortless and quick with this robot vacuum!

The robot vacuum is able to identify hurdles and furniture at ease and plan an optimal route for effective and efficient cleaning. The package includes a GOOVI robotic vacuum, one remote control (inclusive of 2 AAA batteries), one charging dock, four side brushes, one main brush, one extra high-efficiency filter, one cleaning brush and one adapter. The robot vacuum is able to run continuously for 100 minutes because of its ultra-high battery capacity and is thus perfect for cleaning multi-rooms or big houses.

The robot vacuum is priced around $150.00 at the time of writing.

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

This option of robot vacuum manufactured by eufy has been awarded by Tom’s guide as the “Best robot vacuums of 2019.” The BoostIQ technology of the vacuum enables it to automatically enhance the suction power in just 1.5 seconds as soon as it realizes that extra vacuuming power is required to clean effectively. The premium attributes of this vacuum are infrared sensors for dodging objects, anti-scratch tempered glass top cover for shielding and drop sensing technology to avoid falling. Also, it recharges automatically and is thus always ready for work.

This extra slim RoboVac (2.85”) operates quietly but with an enormous suction power of 1300Pa and a walking speed of 10.5 in/s, it is an effective cleaner that removes all dirt and dust. The vacuum can work constantly for 100 minutes on hardwood floors and the operating sound is barely audible. A single charge is enough to give you a clean home. The big wheels of the Robo-vacuum enable it to climb over door ledges and rollover carpets easily to cleanse the mess.

It comes with three filters – two dual-layer and one high-performance one – to give you a spotless home. It has a huge 0.6L dust box that is able to hold more dirt for every clean and thus the frequency of emptying is lessened. The robot vacuum has many modes of cleaning and also a pre-set vacuuming time. So you can have an effective clean while you are doing something else or entertaining. Standing at 2.85” it can move under furniture easily to clean effectively.

This super-slim robot vacuum can be used on low to medium pile carpets, laminated, tiled and hardwood floors. But it is not effective on very dark-colored floors or high-pile carpets. The medium-pile carpets can be cleansed with the max suction mode and on this surface, the vacuum will give 50 minutes of cleaning approximately. The cables have to be moved out of the way to do away with entanglement.

The package includes the RoboVac 11S, charging base, cleaning tool, 4 side brushes, welcome guide, remote control (2 AAA batteries inclusive), AC power adapter, extra set of high-performance filters and 5 cable ties. The cable ties help in the organization of power cords and wires in a better way. The product has also won “The 10 best vacuums to use for kitchen cleanup” by CNET and “The affordable, effective Eufy Robovac 11S is the robot vacuum for everyone.” By Digital Trends.

This option of vacuum bot is currently priced below $250.00.

The PURE-CLEAN-Cleaner-Robotic-Stairs-Air-Friendly

This vacuum bot coming from Pure Clean has a total run time of 90 minutes with the aid of an upgraded lithium battery. It possesses 1200pa of suction power, ideal for removing all dust and dirt. The electric vacuum bot has a thin low profile of 2.9” making it ideal to move across all rooms and under any sofa, bed or couch to make cleaning effective. Advanced programming enables it to negotiate obstacles better. This robot vacuum has two side sweeper brushes which are auto and helps the bot increase its reach and the rotating sweepers collect debris and dirt from all corners and hardwood floors

The one-touch go attribute of this wireless vacuum bot enables it to clean hardwood floors, tiles and short carpets. The anti fall cliff sensors of the robot vacuum help it detect gaps all by itself and prevents it from falling down the stairs. The AIR filter of this vacuum maintains air purity keeping the fine dust particles within the dustbin. The strong suction and unique design helps in keeping the bot clog-free, unlike the models which come with rotating underbrush.

This is one vacuum that will enable you to clean your home without moving your finger. It is not only convenient but also versatile and works best on carpeted or hardwood floors. The Smart Self-Program of the bot enables it to clean well navigating all obstacles coming in its path. Also, this robot vacuum is pet-friendly – it removes all unwanted pet hair from nooks and corners and under furniture.

At the time of writing, the price of this model was around $105.00.

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