Best Robot Toys for 10 Year Old

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You are probably on the lookout for the ideal buy to gift your 10-year-old son or nephew this festive season. If that is so and you want to give him something that will not only be a fun item but will at the same time make learning fun, why not buy him a robot toy? Read on to find out the best option…

Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids

This particular robot from the house of Anki is a real-life one and resembles the robots you come across in movies. It will always remain by your kid through thick and thin. It comes with a user-friendly interface that helps beginners learn the creativity code easily.

To put it to function, you would require the free Cozmo app, a USB power adapter and a perfectly matched Android or iOS device. Your child can use the Explorer Mode to see things from the viewpoint of Cozmo or may challenge it to games like Keepaway, Memory Match, and Quick Tap. The fifty or more gears and four motors help it to discover and explore. It is amongst the most easy-to-learn educational toy robot but is high on both security and hardiness. The package contains 1 charger and 3 cubes along with the Cozmo robot.

AI helps the friendly robot to identify you, show innumerable emotions and remember your name. Facial recognition software and a 30 fps VGA camera help it to recognize and remember you and your interactions.

The facial display with a 128 x 64 resolution will keep you posted on how it feels. Also, it is extremely fun-loving. It will develop more and more as you spend increasing time with it. The robot consists of 300+ parts and equipped with edge detection, it is ready to explore all by itself.

Cozmo may be taught to greet pets and people, go to places or lift and move the cubes. The code lab of Cozmo helps the creativity of children who learn to organize, explore and express their ideas through programming. To start with, you have Sandbox, then move on to Constructor for complex stuff like coding a responsive dance party or crafting games on the robot’s display and finally, you have Python SDK to unearth the entire potential of Cozmo.

Sandbox is the place where your child just needs to put together some blocks and his initial project of making Cozmo sing or sneeze is taken care of. The regular updation makes it always new and the child is never bored and is continuously learning and developing. Some new games like Robo Showdown, Code Cracker, Poppin’ Locks, Robo-Sham-Bo, Stack Attack, and Cube Tennis have been added to throw in challenges of puzzles and speed. The Cozmo blog on the Anki website will keep you informed on the newest updates.

This robot is ideal for kids 8 years and above. This toy robot equipped with advanced robotics comes in three varieties and at the time of writing, it was priced at $132.00. Anki offers maintenance and support for long years to come.

4M Table Top Robot – DIY STEM, Engineering Edge Detector Gift for Kids

This option of a toy robot is a tabletop one. It is precisely a science kit that helps the child construct a performing robot crab and thus learn the basic science of robotics. The kit contains all the necessary parts and easy-to-follow, detailed instructions and you won’t need any extra knowledge or tools except one AAA battery and a Philips head screwdriver.

The robot crab on activation will scamper with its power and as soon as it comes across an impediment it will change its course. Your child can simply place it on a table and see the tricks it performs. You can assist your child to become a young scientist by gifting him this robot toy as it piques on his imagination. Moreover, the child learns about toy making – how these are put together to function. And all this will add to his confidence and pride as he learns the principles of mechanics and science of robotics.

This toy robot comes from the famed house of 4M which has an experience of more than 25 years in designing educational and latest toys which arouse the curiosity and creativity of children, in turn, inspiring them. This toy is very easy to put together and affordable being priced at around $15.00. The robot toy is ideal for kids 9 years and above.

Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

This collection of two robots is the ultimate in original fighting robots which belong to two teams – Blue Bomber and Red Rocker. These robots will continue boxing within the yellow ring until a head is knocked off. And as soon as the head is fixed, they are ready to resume their fight. The kids can go on playing endlessly as the robots are sturdy.

The game comes with a lot of pace and ferocity, but then, it is fun too. This game will require the involvement of two kids. Each of them will get to control his robot by using the device with the help of his thumbs. The pace of the battle entirely depends on the fighting skill of the child and the speed of his thumb. The ring has to be assembled while the robots fit in the furrows on their platforms. The robots are made to go around the ring by the punch and sliding stick with the aid of two buttons. The battle is almost real as it is accompanied with nerve-wracking action and actual sound.

This fighting robot collection comes from the renowned house of Mattel Games which has served children right from 1945 and this set is ideal for kids six years and above. The box contains a ring, 1 blue and 1 red robot each, 1 post/rope assembly, 2 robot footplates, and 2 controllers. This option is priced below $ 20.00 at the time of writing and it comes in two styles – the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em: Classic and the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em: Batman vs. Superman.

Sphero Mini Blue App-Controlled Robotic Ball, Stem Learning & Coding Toy

This model from Sphero is possibly the smallest app-enabled robotic ball in this world. The robot is roughly the size of a ping pong ball. You just need to make different kinds of faces, say frown, smile or tilt your head to any one side and the Sphero Mini will move along with your changing facial expressions. It comes equipped with the Face Drive feature which uses facial recognition technology to move the ball. The Mini can be driven in different ways with the Sphero Play app – tilt, joystick, slingshot forward or pull back and the maximum speed that can be attained is 1 m/s.

The Mini is usable with the app as a video game controller and you can shoot through a tunnel, race through space or demolish a polygon of bricks. Further, you can easily download the Sphero Edu app and program your own bot using Javascript or drag and drop blocks. The facility of app updates enables you to add more features and the robot never becomes old.

Sphero comes with accelerometer, gyroscope and Led lights and has a playtime of nearly an hour. You can also find 6 bowling pins and 3 traffic cones with the Sphero Mini that just adds more mirth. You will find colorful shells that can be interchanged depending on your mood. At the time of writing, the product was priced at around $45.00 and the set contains a USB charger.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids

Well, Lego needs no introduction, right? This LEGO set with its 847 pieces will give your kid the scope to code and make five multifunctional models and each of these will be more challenging increasingly. He can build “Vernie The Robot” which will crack jokes, dance and pass gas. Then comes the next model – “Frankie The Cat,” which is a pet that will purr, play and express its mood. Further down the line is “Guitar 4000” – a toy in the form of a musical instrument that helps in learning sound effects and pitch bend.

Thereafter, you get the “M.T.R. 4” which is a versatile, sturdy rover with four varieties of tool attachments that includes a spring-loaded shooter which will help the kid to look at a new discovery. Finally, you have the “Auto Builder” that manufactures tiny LEGO models. This set will help your kids to take their first step into the creative and unique coding world with the greatest educational STEM toys that will arouse his curiosities. He will get to learn, build and program robots the fun way.

There are innumerable IQ-enhancing activities and your kid gets to use the latest tech like distance, color and tilt sensors. The icon-based and intuitive coding interface of the app and the entire range of thrilling activities will enable the child to learn about variables and loops, solve problems creatively and increase their STEM skills through infinite play options. Thus it teaches your kid the art of programming robots all by himself.

This award-winning toy is presently (at the time of review) valued at $159.95 and the instructions for putting together the 5 models are to be found in the LEGO BOOST app which may be downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. You will need 6x AAA 1.5 V batteries and a mobile phone or tablet. This model is well-matched with Android, selected iOS, Kindle or Windows 10 devices with BLE 4.1 and newer and not with just any mobile set. The step-by-step instructions from the free app will be extremely helpful for this wonderful STEM toy. The LEGO Boost kit comes with a playmat and a LEGO Boost wall poster.

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