Best Remote Control Car With Night Vision

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These days cameras in cars are normal, and now they have started showing up in RC cars too. This guide reviews 2 RC cars with night vision cameras. These RC models give a clear view of what it must be like inside these models while controlling them from the outside. Night vision adds another level of fun to the hobby. It’s the nearest you’ll ever get to being in the driving seat with night vision.

4WD RC Scout Truck with FPV, Night Vision, 720P Camera and AR mode

This model is chosen as the best RC Car with night vision because it has a lot to offer at the given price. It comes equipped with a 720p HD camera to capture pictures and video. You can control the camera tilt from your phone. The head with the camera can be raised and lowered.

This RC car can be used in a single mode as well as a multiplayer battle mode. Play with up to 5 friends together. It also has an AR mode to battle virtual enemies. Set a trajectory and let the car “auto-ride” as if it is patrolling the area.

When the included rechargeable battery is fully charged it will last for about 20-30 minutes.

What it Feels Like To Drive the Scout Truck?

There are a lot of features packed into this affordable RC Scout Truck. Its biggest appeal is the onboard first-person view (fpv) camera which lets you see what the scout sees. When it gets dark, the scout will automatically turn on the lights to have night vision. Your kid can even take it up one step to having more fun by uploading the videos and pictures to youtube and Facebook. Make it a “Best Scout Truck” video or photo contest with their friends.

It’s a great gift for kids they will have loads of fun with it. And who knows, when they go to bed you can take it for a spin yourself.

High Speed All Terrain RC Monster Truck With FPV and Night Vision Camera

The next low price RC Car we recommend is a High-Speed Monster truck with 720P HD FPV Camera.

For its low price range, it comes with a lot of power-packed features like 720 wifi first version view camera, anti-skid tires, and gravity sensor.

It comes with 2 battery packs each pack provides up to 25-30 minutes of play time.

What it feels Like To Drive This Remote Controlled Monster Truck?

Your Kid can experience the closest to reality monster truck driving with the first-person view camera that also takes nice clear pictures and videos. It performs well on concrete, dirt roads as well as in the park. It is great fun to race it with friends.

If you were looking for an RC car that can handle rough terrain, have an fpv camera, and is well within budget. This can be your pick.

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