Best Pet Fitness Robot (2021)

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Are you on the lookout for a way to entertain your pet while you are away throughout the day? Or, maybe, you are at home, but your pet needs some activity to keep him fit. If you are thinking of ways to keep your pet fit and entertained so that they do not feel lonely, anxious, sad or bored, pet fitness robots are the answer.

These robots are powered by artificial intelligence and provide the pets with engagement, activity, and treats which are amongst their primary requirements. You can create predefined schedules with the app so that the robot plays with and doles out treats to your pet. Again the manual mode can be used for instant play and treat sessions and to track the activity of your pet easily.

How are pet fitness robots useful?

The pet fitness robots are equipped to serve multiple functions which include –

Removing stress and anxiety

Lots of pets suffer from separation anxiety if their parents are leaving them behind alone for long hours. This results in their destructive behavior or excessive barking which can be quite annoying for the pet owners as well as the neighbors. The pet fitness robots are designed in a way to remove stress effectively and improve the quality of life both for the pets as well as their parents. The pet will no longer feel sad or lonely. Also, the problem of separation anxiety will be addressed. And with the improvement in the mental health of your pet, he is bound to be physically more fit too.

Health Activity

Most pets are overweight, at least statistics say so. While 56% of dogs are clinically overweight, 60% of cats are. Obesity causes decreased life expectancy for pets. The pet fitness robots promote healthy activity when the pets are left alone. They come with many play modes that keep the pets physically active and thus healthy and increase their life span.

Now for one such pet fitness robot which is widely acclaimed and has been extensively loved by both pets and their owners.

SKYMEE Owl Robot

This pet fitness robot from Skymee takes care of your pet like a professional while you are away. It plays with your pet as it zooms around the house controlled by the smartphone app and then rewards him by dispensing treats automatically. There are 16 different play modes and sounds to keep your pet busy, engaged, and entertained. He will no longer feel stressed, anxious, lonely, or sad when you are away. And this is bound to lessen messes and accidents. The robot has a design that is to last for long and is durable. It is made of polycarbonate material and is easy to clean. It has passed the IPX4 water resistance test and stays waterproof. It holds up to tough chewers.

The robot can drive over different kinds of indoor surfaces so that your pet can enjoy its company in various environments. The Skymee app is available on both Apple and Android devices. Its autonomous driving attribute is powered by AI and it allows the robot to navigate various places. The patented design allows the robot to sense the strengths of your pet, the various elements in the surroundings and reward the pet for his interactions. It interacts with your pet and knows when it is no longer close. It drives automatically and has an automatic obstacle avoidance feature. It has a simple interface and is easy to clean.

Your pet requires physical activity to keep their body and mind healthy and strong. You will be able to monitor and track the daily activities of your pet with this robot. Daily exercise is a necessity for overweight cats or dogs as it reduces the chances of developing arthritis and obesity. A healthy pet means a happy pet and that will lessen the number of visits to the vet and will save your money and time and also increase the lifespan of your pet. You can schedule and manage treat dispensing, sleep time, playtime, treat counts, and more with the app. The inbuilt scheduling system helps you to develop customized activities depending on the analysis of the environment, needs of the pet, and health conditions. The robot can be manually directed for direct play within the app via a Bluetooth connection.

This pet-friendly robot comes with a mobile application and uses artificial intelligence to stimulate the senses of your pet. This will keep his body strong and mind sharp! With the app, you can schedule the amount of treat you wish your pet to have and the time he should play. You can toss treats with the tap of a button. This can be done manually or you can schedule the treat toss times and the number of treats every time. It comes with a protective case to increase durability. In a tough situation, robotsden0e-20nt is possible. The shape of the robot is such that it is tough for the pets to grab them. It can also prevent damages and scratches. This is not a chewy toy.

This pet fitness robot has been highly praised by pet owners.

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