4 More Robot Toys for Cats (2021)

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Cats are natural hunters. But it so happens often that, indoor cats gradually lose their hunting skills and instinct as they spend most of the time lazing and sitting. If your kitty has become so and needs exercise badly, a robot toy for the cat will do a world of good to him. It will help him exercise, stimulate his natural hunting instinct and make him more keen and healthy!

Now for the options of robot toy for cats which are popular in the market today….

YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy

This rechargeable robot toy from Y Yofun has replaceable batteries which can be replaced again and again. You just need to plug in the cable for 90 minutes and your pet cat will be able to enjoy 4 hours of fun time. The ball will change its direction automatically whenever it collides with a chair, wall, door, etc. because of its self-balancing system and sphere shape.

You just need to turn the ball on for playing and turn off when the pet gets out of energy and is done with playing. The ball will shut off automatically after 40 minutes of rolling. Thus it is ideal for those who do not have time to watch the kitty while it plays.

The main purpose of the self-rotating ball is to have the kitty chase the ball and have fun. The ball will do a 360-degree self-rotation just by pressing a button and this will attract the attention of the pet. The ball will move around the house emitting a red light at the same time which will attract your kitty.

This is a new upgraded version with USB charging. It is made of excellent quality non-toxic ABS plastic which will not break even after hitting the wall many times. Being small in size, it is ideal for your kitty to play.

The package includes the smart interactive cat toy ball, one user manual, and a USB charging cable. With the timer function, the ball will shut off every 15 minutes. This will help your kitty not getting addicted to the toy.

This rolling ball will not only help your kitty have fun but also help the family members laugh and enjoy watching the kitty running after the ball all around the house. The movement of the ball is unpredictable and random that increases the hunting instinct of your kitty. He will chase the ball, exercise and have fun with it. This automatically moving ball is priced at around $13.00 at the time of writing the review.

K-berho Automatic Cat Toy Interactive

This robot toy from the house of K-berho comes with two strong independent motors, it runs, moves backward and forward and runs in circles automatically. It moves equally well on smooth floors and carpets and has a battery capacity of 620mAh. It is equipped to sense obstacles, has natural rubber tire and feathers and LED colorful wheels.

It comes with a one year warranty and various replaceable accessories which will make the kitty chase feathers or plush chick on someday and chase charmer toys and flying birds on another. It will keep your cat fresh always. Other accessories like butterfly and mouse toys are to come soon.

The accessories increase the hunting instinct of your cat which will chase the toy around the house and play with it. The various play modes will not allow your cat to get bored while it stays alone at home. The toy will run irregularly multi-track with automatic steering. The huge battery capacity will allow the toy to work for eight hours in default mode. It will automatically turn off after moving 10 minutes and turn on every 90 minutes. It can sense various obstacles and scenes and unbound effectively. The package includes feather accessories, charmer accessory, bird accessory and more.

This robot toy for cats is priced at $35.00 approximately at the time of writing the article.

This bumper mouse from Petlinks will give your kitty lots of fun with its irregular movement quite similar to the real prey. Your cat will love chasing the moving mouse. The product is designed meeting safety standards for children and is 100% safe. So pet parents can rest in peace with this toy! Your kitty will naturally chase and pounce on the toy and this will give it lots of exercises and will promote its well being and keep it in perfect health. The string tail will attract the cats to chase. It comes with replaceable batteries.

At the time of writing, this robot toy was priced at around $7.00.


This robot toy for cats from the house of BlackHole Litter Mat is a four-piece colorful set containing four uniquely colored swimming robot fish toys which will add joy and mirth to the everyday life of your kitty. He will love playing with and catching these fishes. The colors may vary. It comes with one installation tool, eight batteries, and eight extra LR44 batteries.

The fish toys come with automated robotic fins that begin moving back and forth automatically as soon they are placed in the water and the fish glides in the water gracefully. As soon as you take them out of the water, they turn off automatically to save power.

If the fish cat toys are not to your liking, you just need to contact the support experts for a new robotsden0e-20nt or full refund. But the batteries should be properly installed before you contact the support team. This interactive robot fish toy will excite your kitty and keep him engaged at playtime and instigate his natural hunter instincts. It is an ideal way to introduce cats to new water activities.

Each of the fish toys has built-in LEDs that flash and light up when turned on. Also, they have moving fins for swimming. All these make the fishes perfect to catch the eye of your cat and encourage them to play with the toy and water, thus removing his fear of water.

The natural hunter instinct of your feline will be encouraged and at the same time, she will have fun. The bowl is not included. You just need to take the robot fish cat toys out of the box, fill a sink, large bowl or bathtub with water and then place the toys in it in front of your kitty. This interactive toy is meant for cats only and not for children. Priced at around $15.00 at the time of writing the review, this product has been praised by the customers.

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